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We are fortunate to have amazing growing partners who we consider great friends.

Stillwater Creek Vineyard

Stillwater Creek is a stunning 235-acre vineyard perched atop the Royal Slope. Planted in 2000 on a steep, south-facing slope with one of the most diverse clone selections in Washington State, Stillwater Creek has earned a reputation as one of the Columbia Valley’s premier vineyards.

The site’s fractured rock and extreme southern exposure are ideal for reds – especially Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Temperatures during the growing season favor warm days and cool nights, helping grapes ripen beautifully, enhanced by both hours of light per day during the summer and the total number of sunlight days from bud-break through harvest.

Farming practices here are designed to take advantage of the site’s ideal location, excellent climate conditions and unique soils to grow top quality wine grapes while using and developing sustainable agricultural practices that will protect the land for generations to come.

In March 2007, Stillwater Creek was the first Columbia Valley vineyard certified “Salmon Safe” by Seattle’s Stewardship Partners for environmental practices that help protect water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife.

Solaksen Vineyard

Part of the Lawrence family’s collection of prized vineyards on the Royal Slope, Solaksen serves as a backbone for our wine program. This unique, 105-acre vineyard boasts a variety of angling south slopes, inspiring the name “Solaksen” or “off axis to the sun.”

Vineyard elevation ranges from 1,430’ – 1,490’ and is planted in a combination of Adkins very fine sandy loam and Taunton fine sandy laom soils. Temperatures here are cooler than surrounding AVAs such as the Wahluke Slope, allowing for a slightly extended growing season and the retention of natural acidity.

The Lawrence family have been growing grapes on the Royal Slope for more than 20 years, augmenting a 40-year history of farming apples, cherries, and other agricultural crops. Their commitment to sustainable farming is prevalent in every facet of their business.